Cat Bordhi: finale, and support your LYS

Yesterday morning I went to my final Cat Bordhi class and participated in a set of creative exercises. Afterwards I had a lovely lunch with Amanda & Annie and tried to give Amanda as many tips as I could think of to help her start spinning with her spindle.

The lack of sleep finally hit me in the afternoon, but I managed to recover enough to make it out to the Ottawa Knitting Guild meeting in the evening to hear Cat speak again. Cat talked about a few things, but her strongest message was to support local yarn stores.

The advice that stuck in my head was not to use pattern stores as showrooms for books. Don’t go in there, look at a book, decide you like it, then buy it online to save a few bucks. Support your local store. Then it can stay open so that you can get advice, touch yarn before you buy it, and see how various colours work together. It makes a lot of sense. I depended heavily on my LYS for advice when I was branching out into lace quite a few years ago, and I’ve been a rather good customer ever since.

Since I don’t have any more knitting or yarn pictures for you at the moment, here is some cuteness from my daughter. She spontaneously wrote this one day when she came home from school last week. I guess they’d been bombarded with Mother’s Day messaging at school:


Hi mom! Thanks for cleaning the house. Thanks for buying my clothes. Thanks for cleaning the bathroom. I love you!

I guess the house cleaning we did together the previous weekend had quite an effect on her!

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7 Responses to Cat Bordhi: finale, and support your LYS

  1. Annie Bee says:

    Oh, that Mother’s Day note is precious and adorable. The spelling! The heart!

  2. Anja says:

    Gah, I totally missed Cat. Piles of work to catch up after almost 2 weeks of junketing around town. Hope to see you tomorrow, though.

  3. Daisy says:

    So cute! You’ve inspired me to spin again! I’m taking a class with Shirley Browsky on Saturday. Was looking at pocket wheels. Want!

  4. janie h says:

    Thank you so much for supporting janie h. knits and all locally owned yarn stores and for putting the word out to your readers. I was sorry I had to miss Cat’s seminar. I was attending my First Women’s Shooting Day at the Range….bang/bang… I had a couple of yarn addicts on a yarn troll from Lindsey visiting the store yesterday who purchased a couple of your patterns. They were thrilled and anxious to start!

    Looking forward to seeing you when Stephanie comes in August or ‘before’.. and yes, giggling IS allowed. I am usually the one who gets people in trouble for laughing, it will be nice to have a cohort in crime

    • natalie says:

      Glad to know that I am free to giggle inappropriately in August. I probably won’t save it all up for then!

      My LYS’s are all fabulous and have introduced me to some great friends.

  5. Mary Lou says:

    Must try the Sweet Tomato Heel one Of these days. That note, and the spelling is just too sweet!