Cat Bordhi: Sweet Tomato Heel

On the third day of Cat Bordhi classes, we did Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel. I first learned of this heel last fall when I went to Rhinebeck. Geneviève (aka TurtlePurl) was pretty much a Sweet Tomato Heel evangelist. I finally got the e-book this year but hadn’t done anything beyond reading it.

Today’s class changed that. Here’s my first Sweet Tomato sock heel knit in Gen’s Striped Sock Yarn in her Poison Apple colourway. Please ignore the chipped purple nail polish.

Once I saw the socks that my friend Kirsti knit in this colourway I had to knit it myself. I have made good progress on this sock today, and I think it’s quite possible for me to actually finish a pair of socks in a reasonable amount of time. That doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

Here’s yesterday’s cowl on Mary Pat. It looked so good on her once she tried it on that I decided that it had to be hers. I loved the process of spinning & the way the colours looked, but they never were *my* colours. I guess I was making it for her all along!

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