I want those needles back!

One thing I noticed when tidying my knitting bag recently is that I seem to have a lot of needles in use. I don’t feel like I have a million things on the go, but I confess that the number is higher than five at the moment.

I’ve targeted two particular works in progress for more concentrated knitting in the near future. First up, and started quite a long time ago, Emily 2 in some lovely Fingering Silky Merino from Sundara (Carmel Apple). I stalled on this quite some time ago, and the last time I looked at it I realized I was about to need beads again, and I’d misplaced them. The beads have kindly reappeared, so perhaps this will be completed this summer:

The second project I’d like to finish up is my Issey Scarf. It’s a lovely pattern and it’ll be a great scarf. I selfishly want to finish this soon (by the end of summer) so that I can wear it. I’ve just about finished one ball of Italian Silk and the second ball is wound and ready to go. I’ve got a total of 3 balls, but I think I’ll likely use 2 and a bit to avoid it being a Dr. Who length item.

Here’s another cute note from my daughter.

The stamp in the middle says “Good Luck”, and underneath she’s written “fore yores natagnes” – “for your knitting”, of course!

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3 Responses to I want those needles back!

  1. Cookie says:


  2. Mary Lou says:

    I just pull the needles out of projects, then try to remember what size they were when I get back to that project. Not a practice I’d recommend! That note!! Using French spelling on an English word, especially one as crazy as knitting. I once had a book called “Mots d’heures gousse” where all the mother goose rhymes were written like that it was hilarious.