Saturday spinning update: holy crap, that’s a lot of yarn!

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of yarn that came out of my most recent box of Cupcake Fiber Company batts. The colour is Lichen and the fiber is Falkland. I have about a total of 850 yards of 3 ply in about 160 grams, which is quite a lot for me. I packed as much as I could onto the bobbin when plying, so the first skein is quite large (120g) and the second is small (40g). Then I took the remnants and plied for about 60 yards of 2 ply in 5 grams because I loved this yarn too much to waste my leftover singles.

The colour is so rich and the yarn looks almost heathered with the greens and yellows and brownish colours that Joan mixed in. When I was spinning this up I spun 2 batts onto each of 3 bobbins. Most of the batts were the same, but I put the 2 darkest ones onto the same bobbin to make the yarn as consistent throughout as possible. It’s lovely yarn – much softer than I expected.

Then because I had other work to do I decided to clean up a bit. Here’s a lovely little sample of BFL/silk from Corgi Hill Farm that reminded me of dragonflies. I spun this up on my Swhorl.

Then I took other things off bobbins that had been languishing for various amounts of time. Here’s some BFL and silk/merino as well as a skein of BFL/Shetland/llama that I spun up last September.

Now my bobbins are all cleaned off & ready to go for the Tour de Fleece. Just another month and a bit to go. I’ll try to do my usual skein or so a week until then, but those few weeks in July will be for serious spinning, when not interrupted by birthday celebrations and trips to cottages. Thank goodness I can travel with spindles ;)

And I’ll top this off with a collection that both of my children participated in: snail shells on a beach:

After this they divvied them up and although I told Sam to leave them at the beach I saw him put some in his pocket. Not wanting to launder snail shells, I cleverly emptied his pocket out into some grass at a park later that afternoon. His disappointment was only temporary and the washing machine remains mollusk-free.

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4 Responses to Saturday spinning update: holy crap, that’s a lot of yarn!

  1. joan says:

    Love that yarn! And those children, always!

  2. kmkat says:

    Gorgeous yarn!

  3. Cookie says:

    Love that yarn! Any ideas for it yet?

  4. Kim Evans says:

    Wow Natalie, your spinning technique is perfect! Beautiful wool. Have a great Victoria weekend.