Christmas prep is done

Well the Christmas prep of the knitting kind is done. I’ve still got to work on the rest of the preparations. So far today my intentions of getting decorations out haven’t moved along but I’ve peeled 3 pomegranates and done some laundry, so it’s not a total loss.

Where was I? Right, the knitting. I’ve finished my second Wrapped Ribs cowl for a teacher, bringing my planned Christmas knitting to a close. It was quick and easy and mostly knit during the kids’ swimming lessons. This one’s also out of Berroco Vintage. I had a little discussion with my son about it before putting it downstairs to dry. No pins this time!

And that’s about it for knitting for now. I’m contemplating finally casting on for Sheep Heid by Kate Davies, since I’ve recently established that my gauge with that yarn and a particular size of needles is almost bang on. I’ve had the yarn and the pattern for a while, so really, it’s about time. It’s a smallish project and I imagine it’ll be very satisfying for those moments when I don’t want to work on my secret projects. I’m a little afraid that it’ll be one of those projects that takes over my life and demands to be finished right away. If that’s the case I’ll be back on Monday with another finished object ;)

Speaking of Kate Davies & her wonderful designs, have you had a look at what she’s been doing lately? She’s got a lovely book of Shetland designs and I can’t wait to see a copy in person.

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