Saturday spinning update: busy week!

I’ve done a whole lot of spinning and plying this week. First off I plied the second skein of gradient BFL/silk from Turtlepurl. This time I only had 370 yards in about 84g, but it’s still lovely.

Then I went to work on some bags from Southern Cross Fibre. I think being a part of the monthly club offering has made it easier for me to break into the stash. First up was Wave Rock on BFL. I went for a thick single with the intent of chain plying to keep the colours together. Here are the singles:

Instead I ended up going for a 2 ply and I’m glad I did. I’ve got a lovely squishy yarn that’s likely destined to be a cowl. It’s about 170 yards in about 100g.

And then I decided to do a bit of a crazy experiment. I took my Monastic Robes on BFL and split it into two even halves. I spun it fairly skinny. Then I weighed what I’d done and wound off two plies at a time onto 3 bobbins. My plan was to do a 6 ply yarn from 3 bobbins all on my kate. And it worked! Here are the singles:

The skein is finished and I’ve got about 155 yards of 6 ply in about 105 grams. Doing a 6 ply really dampened the colour changes and made it a lovely right orange-yellow that I’m in love with.

In other news, my son’s little odd experiment of the week was to take two spare Christmas light bulbs and stick them in a small bar of soap. My husband retrieved this contraption from his bed one night when tucking him in. We just never know what he’s going to create next.

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3 Responses to Saturday spinning update: busy week!

  1. Cookie says:

    Again, you’ve been so busy! I love the spinning. That citrus colored yarn is amazing. Well done!

    He’s always up to something. I like that.

  2. Karen says:

    Love your spinning!! I am shamed to say that I haven’t spun anything for some time.. I was faced with a challenge and the bobbin is still sticking it’s tongue out at me!! By the way, where did you acquire your spinning skills?

  3. kmkat says:

    Love that first yarn! Blues and golds together are one of my favorite combinations.