While I wasn’t knitting this week, I had a little outing to Almonte with my parents. I got a little click-happy with my iPhone because there are so many interesting buildings there, but it started with the water. We parked in a public lot just steps away from this view:

I felt a little freaked out standing on the metal grating to get this shot because the roaring water was making it shudder a bit:

See that building at the back there? I was so overwhelmed by the noise of the water that I barely noticed it until we were coming back to the car and my brain said, “Ooh, pretty Deco building.”

I took a few photos of the former Post Office building, which has a historical designation. I knew about it because I’d come across it when looking for suitable local backdrops. It was designed by noted architect William Fuller.

And then there was this lovely crest on the local BMO:

BMO with old & new:

On the way out of town I drove my folks by the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum and then when we were coming back out I stopped the car to get a better picture of this:

It’s hard to explain, but while the other buildings were interesting to me, this one resonated with me. It’s got a kind of beauty and order that I understand and relate to. This isn’t my favourite Art Deco building ever, but I do like it. When I’m designing, I’m trying to create something that gives me the same feeling I get when I look at a fantastic example of Art Deco architecture.

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2 Responses to Almonte

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You’d better come and stay a night at the Hotel Belvedere here in Kingston, just steps from my house. While the building dates from the 1890s, the furnishings are authentic art deco, many dating from the ’20s, when the house became a hotel. Stunning tables, beds, desks, and even mantelpieces. Whenever I’ve stayed there I’ve felt that Hercule Poirot is about to open the door of the room next door.

  2. kmkat says:

    I think we have discussed this before, but I LOVE the Art Deco influence in your designs. It speaks to me, too :)