Saturday spinning update: one bobbin done

It seems like I’m still not quite back into doing as much spinning as I might have hoped. I did manage to finally finish up the first 4 ounces of Jewelled Seas (Southern Cross Fibre on Falkland) this week:

I even got the second batch started on the wheel to remind me to keep going on it. I love these colours and I can’t wait to see how the yarn turns out. As you can see from my earlier posts this week I’ve been hard at work knitting (and darning in ends, and controlling my little butterflies), so it’s not like I’m not getting knitting-related things done. I’m hoping to have the Jewelled Seas singles completed this week, but don’t hold your breath.

My son’s funniest observation this week had to do with the weather. We were having a normal enough spring week, but then we had freezing rain & snow forecast for Friday. I warned the kids about it and my son’s take on it was that the forecast was silly. He got quite upset and told me, “They’re wrong! Don’t listen to the weather persons because they’re just wrong!”

I only wish they had been wrong. The cold white evidence is disappearing and we should be back to reasonable temperatures in a couple of days.

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: one bobbin done

  1. Elizabeth says:

    It’s a gross spring! Or maybe non-spring. Only good thing is, we keep getting to wear our knits. Can’t wait to see the egg-carton project.