Saturday spinning update: yarn!

It took ages (almost a month) to spin this, but I finally have yarn! I have 2 skeins of Jewelled Seas, both of them 9-ply (chain plied & then chain plied again). The singles were rather skinny, because even though they yarn is 9-ply I have 180 yards in the first skein (110g) and 170 yards in the second skein (111g).

I’m thrilled with the yardage and I’m thinking that this might one day turn into mittens and a hat or cowl for me. I love the colours & with all that effort put into making the yarn, it’s got to stay with me!

My son & I visited the Agriculture Museum again last week. It’s a wonderful time of year to go with all the little babies being born. He noticed right away that some of the sheep were about to become moms, which I thought was pretty perceptive. At the end we saw some poor hugely-pregnant cows lying down with little calf-limbs poking out of them in ways that looked very uncomfortable. I didn’t take pictures of them. Instead, here’s the cutest little baby we saw. It’s an Angora Goat with tiny little horns:

And then we wandered around and amused ourselves.

“I’m on a pig!”

Wait, that doesn’t sound right. You can’t end like that. How about this?

“I’m on a horse!”

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