Sunday spinning update: not much progress

I was going to post yesterday, then I thought that perhaps I’d actually get some spinning done. I didn’t quite meet my goal of a full bobbin.

The strange thing for me is that this was my first week in months where I wasn’t at work during the day. It was only a four day school week, and mine was quickly swallowed up with all of the things I’d put off. I visited the dentist. The ducts in the house were cleaned and a plumber checked out the wonky toilet. A myriad of things were accomplished and I even got some knitting done, but the spinning just didn’t get top priority. I went from 60% on one bobbin to 80% on one bobbin. At this rate it’ll be months before I have 8 ounces of yarn. This is still Jewelled Seas on Falkland from Southern Cross Fibre.

I will try to spin more regularly this week. I love these colours and I’m very eager to see the finished product.

In family news, our son announced to me as I was making dinner that the small cold planet wasn’t a planet any more. I agreed with him about Pluto. He then killed any authority he might have built up by insisting that the moon was a planet. His reasoning for that was that aliens live on the moon, so it must be a planet. It sounds like the cartoons are winning at the moment.

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One Response to Sunday spinning update: not much progress

  1. Cookie says:

    It’s hard to fight Bugs Bunny and that Martian fella…