Saturday spinning update: plied

I managed to get all 3 lots of Finnish roving & the 1 lot of Norwegian roving spun & plied this week. Each skein is around 50g and is about 100-110 yards. I found the Norwegian was easier to spin evenly and ended up slightly skinnier, but I’m pretty happy with the final results.

I like this very sheepy set of yarn, and I think it wants to be mittens. I don’t know when/if I’ll have time to figure out how to approach that.

While I’m showing off yarn, I might as well show you a little yarn I picked up in Toronto. I finished my Art Deco sightseeing around noon, so I headed on down to The Purple Purl, which was just down Queen Street. I recovered from my walking, had some tea and a cookie, did a bit of knitting, and picked up this lovely skein of Sweet Merino Lace in Amber Briolette by Sweet Fiber.

I hopped back on the streetcar and went way way down Queen Street, stopping in briefly at Americo and ended up at Romni Wools. I had heard about the great selection, but I hadn’t realized quite how packed with yarn Romni was. I had to be very mindful about how I walked and turned, especially since I had a backpack on. There was just about every type of yarn I’ve seen commercially available in Canada and more. I ended up coming home with some darling little balls of Rowan Fine Tweed. I’d admired this yarn in the past & so I finally caved and picked some lovely colours:

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