Slow progress

I’m finding it hard at the moment to make deliberate progress on any knitting. My mind feels all scattered and I’m working on bits and pieces of designs for a few upcoming projects. Nothing has really coalesced.

I did manage to get a bit more done on my Empire State Gloves while we were away on vacation. I’m almost up to the finger divisions on the second glove:

Perhaps I’m stalling because I’m not sure what to do next. My theory is that I should open up the thumb hole and put those stitches on some spare yarn so that I can try them on properly as I go to make sure the fit is what I need. Yes, that’s what I should do.

Any plans for yesterday were completely derailed when I noticed that our freezer in the garage was turned off. Apparently there’s a nice little temperature dial at the exact right height for a curious 6 year old. Thanks, Frigidaire. Although I did end up tossing some things, by the end of the day I’d cooked a double batch of Italian sausages in tomato/veggie sauce, enough meat filling for probably 3 tourtières (and I made pastry dough, but I didn’t assemble it all), and a boneless leg of lamb. Oh, and I finally made the potato leek soup I’d been meaning to make since I bought potatoes and leeks at the market.

Today I’m a little wiped out & you’ll forgive me if I forego something new and just work a few more rows on my gloves, right?

P.S. Countdown to school is at 3 days!

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One Response to Slow progress

  1. kmkat says:

    I know all about curious 6-year-olds. And 5-year-olds. I got my first Windows computer when Younger Son was 5. After having it for a few months and trying and failing to install a sound card (remember those?), I took it to the shop to have them do it. Brought it home, set it up, went to bed. Next day, no sound. Back to the shop, where they eventually informed me that *someone* had turned down the internal volume on the card. Not as bad as turning off the freezer, but annoying nevertheless.

    Fwiw, that *someone* is now the engineer at a video post-production firm and maintains all their computers, networks, storage LAN, telecommunications, etc., etc., etc. And will soon have a different job as a pre-sales engineer for another tech company, making as much as Smokey and I together will make this year. All that curiosity paid off.

    I am still awed by your Empire State gloves.