Back in July I finally finished some spinning that had been in progress for months. I spindle-spun a gradient yarn:

Although I should have been working on something else entirely, the yarn captured my imagination and I had one of those “aha!” moments in the shower for what this yarn needed to be. I wanted to show off the colours with some movement. I wanted it to be about the yarn rather than about lace. And I wanted to use every last yard. Meander is based on feather-and-fan, but without yarnovers. The shawl increases quickly at the edges, so the wingspan grows enough so that even my small amount of handspun can be worn as a shawlette. Then I did the pattern again with a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock (S95, if you’re curious). I just kept going until I was almost out of yarn and it worked! Because wrong side rows are knit, the shawl is reversible – not *exactly* the same on both sides, but close enough to not really matter. It would look great in gradient yarns as well as yarns with long colour repeats: Kauni Effektgarn, Mini Mochi, Twisted Fiber Art Muse, etc. And now it’s up and ready for sale. Enjoy! $4 USD

Thanks as always go to my lovely friend Francine Hebert for being the model – and in this case, the location scout. An underpass with graffiti steps away from fields and a meadow of wildflowers. Fantastic!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely! I love knitting that doesn’t have one wedded to a chart all the time and that leaves a lot of flexibility in terms of yarn and size (hint: I might be working on something in this area). The photos are fantastic, and a reminder of how important it is to look at the “microcosm” of what’s in the lens and not the “macrocosm” around what the camera can see.