Colouring Undulation: my process

For anyone participating (or thinking of participating) in my November-long Colour your own Undulation KAL, I thought I’d show you my process for playing with colour with this scarf.

Before I sent in my pitch to Quince & Co. for the Undulation scarf, I swatched with what I had on hand:

Then I spent hours playing on the computer to find different combinations that I liked, using the Quince & Co. colour page for Lark as a guideline.

When the 4 colours arrived to from Quince & Co. to knit the scarf, I had a surprise. These weren’t colours I’d thought about at all! I was stuck and couldn’t figure out how to move forward. In the end I swatched just one pattern repeat, but with one colour combo in the first half, and a different colour combo in the second half:

Then I used software on my computer to try to help me get an idea of how combination would look when repeated:

In the end, I canvassed friends and family until some sort of consensus was reached. And that’s how the pattern model was arrived at:

(photo by Carrie Bostick-Hoge, courtesy of Quince & Co.)

I still wanted to make my own version. I got as close as I could to my favourite computer-generated colour combination, and knit this:

Which colours will you use?

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