Saturday spinning update: two, two shiny bobbins

So much for my grand plans of doing lots of spinning this week. I did accomplish a whole pile of knitting tasks as well as some outstanding errands. I even spent 2 hours visiting my new dentist. I did find a few hours to get a second bobbin of merino/silk spun:

This is a pretty accurate representation of the colour. It’s a lovely deep teal. Now I’ve got one more bobbin to go, and then I can ply.

I will also have some knitting to show shortly. The problem is that I’ve got to find an appropriate place big enough to dry this monster. I’m not really accustomed to knitting with bulky yarn, but I was seized by an idea that wouldn’t let go.

I did get out for a nice walk one crappy day this week, despite the wind and rather grey weather. This was my reward:

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