Saturday spinning update: Qiviut singles

Here’s where the qiviut spinning is at right now:

I’ve finally finished the singles and today I took over half an hour to wind them up for plying. Part of that time was me being slow and careful, part of it was the yardage. Hopefully I’ll find some time in the chocolate-enhanced day tomorrow or Monday to start the plying. Any guesses on the yardage, given that I’ve got 54 grams of singles here? I’m thinking 2 ply will be over 300 yards, but beyond that, I’m not willing to speculate.

In family news, we’ve finally got spring here in Ottawa and the kids have been outside voluntarily at almost every opportunity. It’s absolutely wonderful. Today I suggested that they do spring/Easter type drawings. It started as expected, with a bunny and some eggs and a baby bird in a tree.

It ended on this rather unusual note:

Yes, that’s a skunk doing what skunks do. I hope we’re able to avoid seeing this in person. Happy spring!

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One Response to Saturday spinning update: Qiviut singles

  1. kmkat says:

    Your kids are as creative as their mom!