Spam, spam, spam

I felt like I was in an awkward position today. Canada has brought in some new anti-spam laws with hefty penalties. Although my mailing list was created as an opt-in list with confirmations required to sign up, I felt compelled to create a new clean list. Then I had to send a message to the old list about the new list.

Yes, that’s right. I essentially spammed my old list to avoid punishment for spamming.

Join my sparkly new mailing list (with options to tell me what types of knitting patterns you’re interested in). I typically send out 5 or 6 emails a year. Plus if you’re on the list, that puts you in the “Spectator” category for my annual Tour de France KAL.

Happy Canada Day (tomorrow), Happy Fourth of July (Friday), and I’ll see all you folks knitting along to Peloton on Saturday in my Ravelry group.

Bonus art from the end of school clearout – too cute to throw out just yet:

Cat picture done by Sam


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