Variations on a theme

First, I have to show you this postcard that my Aunt Viv sent me from England:

One more week to go until the Tour de France! Yes, they’re getting all excited over there about the start of the tour being in Yorkshire. The back of the card reads as follows: “Stage 2 of the greatest cycle race in the world in the greatest county in the world – God’s own country”. I’ll see all you KAL folks in my Ravelry group soon. I’ll be setting up the special threads for the KAL next week.

What I wanted to talk about today was inspired by an email asking about my Khufu shawl. The person was interested in knitting it as a scarf or stole instead of as a triangular shawl. The next day I drew up some small sketches of ideas that came to me, and I wanted to share them with you:

These 3 ideas can easily be put into action with a bit of swatching and some simple math (based on the number of pattern repeats + garter stitch edging). It’s a good thing my knitting mojo is back and I’m busily knitting away on other things or I might feel compelled to try out #2 or #3.

It’s totally ok to rearrange an existing pattern into something that suits you better. These are 3 ideas that came to me right off and I’m sure they aren’t the only ones. I want to encourage you to decide what’s right for you and not feel tied to the way something is done in a pattern. Personally, I’ve been mulling over knitting a sweater with a boat neck for a long time, but I know that when I knit it I will try to make it more of a V-neck, because that’s what works for me. What have you done to modify an existing pattern into something that works for you?

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