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Do you remember that I posted last week about a trip to Merrickville? Well now I’m going to tell you what motivated the trip. Quite recently, Beckie from Unraveled in Merrickville posted some pictures to her Facebook page that had me intrigued. Here’s what she showed us:

Beckie made a Dangling Conversation sample (with 3.75mm needles & doing the eyelet rows when the colour changed).

I blame Beckie for the fact that only a day later I was off in the car with my friend Janet to check this out. This yarn is a new offering from Shirley.Brian Yarns and you can get your own little tub of gradient yarn from Unraveled or on Shirley’s web site. It is 4 “plies” (separate untwisted threads) of cotton and there are 480 yards in 130 grams per cake.

I got in touch with Shirley and asked a few questions. Here’s what she told me:

“I’ve been obsessed with gradient and ombre yarns for a while now and couldn’t find or get what I wanted so I started to play around with different versions of what I thought would work, found equipment that would enable me to produce it and that’s about it.  I think this combination is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  I will be expanding on the fibre content offerings over the next few months also which I’m really looking forward to.”

Shirley.Brian Yarns - gradient cotton yarn

“I’m trying to build up stock so that I will always have yarn available for sale and hopefully I won’t have to resort to an update type of model.   I’m really hoping that people will like it and that there will be a demand for it!”

“The colours are repeatable and will all be named. Currently they are available at Unraveled and on the web site.”

This beauty is currently living with me, but it might need a friend:

Shirley.Brian Yarns - Pearls Please

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2 Responses to Shirley.Brian Yarns

  1. Michelle Frost says:

    After our chat last week, I headed off (okay ran) to unraveled to get one only I was nice and got mine a friend :) I’ve started knitting with it and it’s gorgeous stuff!!! Looking forward to more splurges!

  2. Mary Lou says:

    Wowser! I am off to shop.