Sunday spinning update: Yarn!

I am feeling victorious today. I’ve finally made some yarn since the big house move. This was mostly thanks to the daily spinning prompt of watching the Tour de France.

First of all, I finished spinning the merino singles that have been on the wheel for too long. I will need to chain ply this into the lovely colour-shifting yarn it wants to be. I should have that done some time this week:

Then I gave myself a break and spun up two smaller (55-60g) bags of Shetland that I’ve had around for a while. What made it even easier to get these skeins done was that a lot of the tradespeople were in the house fixing things for the second half of the week. I couldn’t leave the house, so I decided to spin rather than knit. The noise was incredible and the spinning is easier to stop at a moment’s notice to deal with things around the house.

Both skeins are about 210 yards and I’m thinking that this nice fingering weight yarn would make a lovely pair of stranded mittens. I don’t know that I’ll ever do that myself, but it’s nice to have something in mind.

Once I finish the job of plying the merino, I’ll go and snoop through the fiber area of my closet to figure out which beautiful items I get to play with next.

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