Tour de France KAL – just a few days to go!

The Tour de France is approaching its end, which means that knitters are busy working away on my Peloton KAL. I know some people will be working away right up to the Champs Élysées, but don’t forget to at least put a progress picture up on your project page!

There have been some wonderful early finishers. All pictures below are from the knitters in question and are used with their permission. First up was Anita (yukia), with a lovely striped version:

Anita explained that moths had made it necessary to work in the second colour, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed without her telling us!

Karen (rapunzelrides) used her digital scale to make sure she’d have enough yarn, and it worked out perfectly.

I love what she did with added beads. Here is the explanation in Karen’s words:

I placed red beads at the bottom of each climb to symbolize the lanterne rouge (usually me!). There is also a lanterne rouge bead on the last wheel, a few iridescent beads on the right-hand side to symbolize those riders who have crashed out, and some iridescent beads along the edge to symbolize the stage 5 pave and the destruction it wrought on the race.

Chris (Robebe) completed a multicoloured version, showing that this pattern can look good in a yarn that reminds me of summer gardens:

And Paula (stpaulknitter) rounded out the early finishers with a gorgeous reddish orange with beads in the middle of the lace wheels.

If you’re still knitting away, keep it up! There are still a few more days to go. See you Paris on Sunday!

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