Sunday spinning update: plying and spinning

We’re back from a rather long ¬†vacation (more on that later) and I’ve finally plied up that merino/silk from before. I chain-plied it to preserve the colours and I’m thrilled with the yarn. It’s about 290 yards in about 100g. This picture doesn’t show the shine that the silk gives this yarn.

Meanwhile, I’ve also spun up another skein of yarn this week. It may have something to do with wanting to relax a bit now that the kids are back in school. This is a Southern Cross Fibre club offering called Beyond Time on Cheviot (a new-to-me sheep breed). ¬†It was an easy spin. I went for a 3 ply. I split the whole braid into 3 parts. The first part was split into two & spun (bobbin on the left). The second third was split into 4 parts (middle bobbin) and the third bobbin was split into 8 parts (right bobbin).

The resulting yarn has colours that change subtly and gradually and doesn’t have too much of one colour all in one place. It’s about 300 yards in 96g. Perfect! Mittens, perhaps?

Next up, I’m looking at working with a little more fibre. I’ve got multiple sets of 200g in one colour, and a giant intimidating bag of 360g of one beautiful colour that I can probably do justice to now. I just need to make a choice.

In family life, yesterday my son requested a chocolate pound cake. Rather than run off to the store, we made one together today and it turned out quite well. I may have to do this again! Also, I love baking with parchment paper. The loaf came right out of the pan.

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