Quick trip through the Maritimes

I’m still going through my pictures from our summer family holiday mega-roadtrip. Last time I covered up to Fredericton. We drove another day and spent the night in Moncton. Rather than visit the Magnetic Hill, we drove up the coast and spent a wonderful half a day at the dunes in Bouctouche. Sure, it felt a little weird to be enjoying a natural landmark being preserved by an oil company, but it was the perfect day.

It was the kids’ first visit to the ocean and they had so much fun playing in the sand and finding all kinds of shells and seaweed. We couldn’t have had a better day for it.

We finally ended up in Halifax that night and spent a few days visiting with my brother-in-law and his family. We’ve threatened to visit for quite a few years and we finally made it. The kids all had a fun time together. We had a great visit to the Citadel.

Next up I’ll show you the pictures I got when I snuck away for 30 minutes and went off to see some Art Deco buildings.


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