Zipping through the States

I’m still recounting our mega-roadtrip from the summer. After our time in Halifax, we drove down to Yarmouth to get the Nova Star ferry to Portland, Maine.

It was a long day that started with some excitement. We had fantastic weather. Along the way there was a bit of seasickness (my daughter), along with eating, drinking, watching karaoke, and playing Uno. We didn’t do anything in Portland other than find our hotel and finally sleep.

On Board, before seasickness

Ferry ride

We drove on and spent a couple of nights near this lovely stadium, enabling my husband to attend a Patriots practice session.

After another day of driving we arrived in Rochester, NY, to meet up with friends and family.

Grandparents in Rochester

This was also the one stop during the trip that I was able to get to a yarn store. I visited The Village Yarn & Fiber Shop. I navigated to the store by myself in the dark with only written directions (pats self on the back) and had a few minutes to look around. I snapped up some Malabrigo Nube in “my” colours, and found some lovely local yarn from Runaway Bunny to go with it.

Malabrigo Nube and Runaway Bunny sock yarn

And then it was back to Canada. We just nipped across the border in Niagara Falls to spend a fun-filled day here:

Great Wolf Lodge, Niagara Falls

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One Response to Zipping through the States

  1. Elizabeth Risch says:

    Hi there, Natalie. Your travelogue sounds so marvelous. I would have loved to have accompanied you and your family. You drove past all the areas I have lived and visited in Central New York and Eastern Canada. It’s been almost 40 years since I was last there. I grew up near Utica, then moved to the Eastern suburbs of Buffalo. I had relatives who lived in Halifax, and enjoyed traveling through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Glorious places, all. I’m glad you and your family had the chance to enjoy them, too.