A knitting request I couldn’t refuse

I’m relieved to say that although my spinning has been sadly neglected due to my back issues, I have been knitting. In the middle of all of my deadline knitting I had a request from my daughter. She’s been wearing an old purple mistake rib hat that I made her ages and ages ago. One day she told me that a friend of hers would like one too.

That was enough for me to take action. We went off to the yarn store & picked up a skein of purple worsted weight yarn. Then I started having doubts. Although I didn’t know exactly what I’d used to make the hat, it seemed more like aran weight yarn. I went back to the yarn store and exchanged the yarn for a skein of Aztec, by James C. Brett. I used this for the red version of Suzanne and I already knew that it was a fairly easy care yarn.

After a little comparison counting, I cast on 64 stitches. It worked up quickly. I changed the decreases up a little bit from the last time that I made this hat, but it’s not rocket science. Plus the nature of the pattern hides any imperfections.


The hat has now gone off to live with its new owner and has been seen in the wild (ok, on the way to the school bus) at least once.

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