Saturday spinning update: a skein!

I’ve finally finished spinning up the “Twelve” – a 75/25 blend of Polwarth and Tencel from Southern Cross Fibre. My back’s slowly been getting back to normal, although I may have pushed it a little bit on the weekend to get this skein done:

Twelve - skein of 3 ply spun from Southern Cross Fibre's Polwarth/Tencel blend

I’ve got about 155 yards of 3 ply in 96g. I also chain-plied the leftovers and I’ve got about 36 yards in 13g. The yarn is all soft and squishy and has the shine from the Tencel. This was a fun spin.

I don’t know how much spinning I’ll be able to handle over the next week, but I’m trying to take it slowly. My health is important and being able to sit this week without pain has been fabulous.

In family news we’ve been as busy as usual, although with March Break happening soon some of the sports activities are wrapping up for a few weeks. Zoé’s persevered through her volleyball classes & wants to try another round.

I’m looking forward to spring, but we’re still getting a fair amount of cold weather. One particularly cold morning Sam was downstairs early but he was only wearing a t-shirt with pants. When I asked why he wasn’t wearing a warmer top he told me that he’d got dressed in the dark. I wasn’t able to get a useful explanation for that. At least he’s puzzling me in less destructive ways at the moment.

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