Sunday spinning update: still working away

Another week has gone by and I’ve managed to do a fair bit of spinning. I think I’ve done about 3/4 of the singles from the batch of Eiffel Tower that I was working on last week. I can’t really capture the colour this late at night, but here goes:

Eiffel Tower - BFL - 3/4 of singles spun

I’ve also completed knitting a shawl, written up directions for a new pattern, and blocked two shawls. And that’s just the knitting stuff! It’s been a productive week, but I’m feeling like I need something new on the needles.

The kids are itching to get the scooters out of the garage. Zoe’s made a couple of big trips around the neighbourhood on the nicer days and it’s reminding me how much time they spent out and about last summer. Hopefully real spring weather isn’t too far off!

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