June yarnies: Raventwist and Riverside Studio

I used yarn in two completely different weights for June’s Marine Building Shawl.

First I used a meaty sport weight wool (Deva) from Raventwist. I told you all about Hasmi last month. Deva was fantastic for the pattern and almost didn’t need to be blocked. I used about 175g of this yarn for a nice cozy wrap:

Marine Building Shawl in Raventwist Deva (Slate) by Natalie Servant

The second yarn that I used was a single 100g skein of fingering weight from Kathryn at Riverside Studio. She dyed up this lovely colour for me and called it “Nat’s Gold”, which was a wonderful thrill to see on the label.

Marine Building Shawl by Natalie Servant
I first caught sight of Riverside Studio yarn at a knitting retreat. My friend Julie had brought the yarn to tempt us. Kathryn had dyed up some fabulous yarn, and I have been collecting it ever since! Julie, on the other hand, has been knitting fabulous sweaters and accessories out of the yarn instead. So practical, that lady! She has sent me some pictures to share with you:

 Moroccan Nights with 3 skeins of Riverside Studio Merino Lace Singles:

Moroccan Nights with 3 skeins of Riverside Studio Merino Singles Lace

Dotted Rays by Stephen West with 4 skeins of Riverside Studio Merino Lace Singles:

Dotted Rays knit with 4 skeins of Riverside Studio Merino Singles Lace

A couple of double knit cowls designed by Julie (and at least one uses Riverside Studio Merino Cashmere Nylon Sock):

double knit cowls by Julie Nandorfy with Riverside Studio MCN Sock

Kathryn does some amazing multi-colour skeins and fabulous semi-solids. Debbie at Sheeps Ahoy had a whole pile of it to sell at the Knitters Frolic in Toronto and I had a hard time not collecting even more. This Cobalt & Rust, for instance, is gorgeous:

Cobalt & Rust by Riverside Studio

Kathryn’s yarn is in her Etsy shop and  she, Julie (designer, knitter, teacher) and Maureen (a potter) blog over at Three Crazy Knitters.

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