Sunday spinning update: more of the same

I did finally finish spinning the singles on my Loop bullseye bump. It really took up all the space on the bobbin:


Instead of moving on to something that would spin up a little more quickly, I have started another bullseye bump from Rhinebeck. I just had to know how this one would spin up. It’s got rainbow-type colours separated by little bits of black/dark grey. So far so good:

Loop - start of rainbow bullseye bump

In family news, all is well at the moment. The kids have brought their first report cards home & there were no real surprises, which is good.

I have learned a new hairstyle for Zoe, at her request. I tried to get her interested in trying out something with a Celtic knot, but this is what she wanted instead:


Meanwhile Sam brought all the foam squares upstairs spontaneously & built a fort:


The open roof is particularly helpful when being served food & beverages.

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