My knitting companion: Poirot

I’ve been knitting so much this last week that I haven’t spent any time at all with my spinning wheel. Hopefully that’ll change soon. I’ve been working on a deadline knit and I finally cast off last night.

What’s been keeping me company through much of my knitting since November is the TV series of Poirot with David Suchet. I’ve been watching the whole series on Netflix. The only problem with knitting and watching Poirot is that I frequently have to stop and go back a few seconds to take a picture of the buildings:



Or the fashion:

Poirot - hat


Or the colour combinations:

Poirot - Miss Lemon



Poirot - tam

And then at other times I need to go back to write down some of the meaner but hilarious things that Poirot says. For example:

Mr. McNeil: “I’ll have you know that in the 5 years that I have been head of security here not so much as a paper clip has gone missing.”

Poirot: “Monsieur McNeil, I am sure if such a thing were to happen, you would be the man ideal for the case.”

There is also plenty of knitting on display. Captain Hastings sports his Fair Isle sweaters:

Hastings - sweater

Poirot - sweaters

Hastings - sweater

And Hastings is also on the receiving end of Poirot’s remarks:

Poirot: “We must be so intelligent that he does not suspect us of being intelligent at all.”

Hastings: “Absolutely.”

Poirot: “And there you will be invaluable, mon ami.”

I’ve probably got a few weeks left of intermittent viewings of Poirot while I knit, and I intend to enjoy them! I’ll leave you with this picture of Poirot, sick in bed and sporting a shawl:


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2 Responses to My knitting companion: Poirot

  1. Manon says:

    Might hear “We must be so intelligent that he does not suspect us of being intelligent at all.” at knitnight sometime soon. That’s a gem :)
    M xox

  2. Mary Lou says:

    I love that Belgian upstart. I didn’t know it was all on Netflix. Time for some binge knitting, I think.