Long weekend spinning

It has been very very cold this weekend in Ottawa: under -40 degrees with windchill. That means I haven’t been outside much. I’ve had a good long weekend from a knitting perspective, so I’ve allowed myself some spinning time.

Now there’s nothing really pressing on the needles: one new shawl is blocked, my year-old blanket has been cast off, a new scarf with no particular deadline is cast on, and I’ve got a shawl in progress that I hope to complete this month. This means that I can do a little more spinning to relax.

I finished up the singles of the SCF Esmerelda on Bond, but I haven’t plied them yet:

Esmerelda singles, Bond from SCF

My new spinning is my first ever spin of fiber from Hello Yarn. This is the start of Lurking in Alleys on Falkland wool top:

Lurking in Alleys, Falkland, from Hello Yarn

So far so good. The colours are great and the fiber is nice and easy to deal with.

Here’s a glimpse of my new blanket next to the fireplace that warmed my toes after a trip to the park yesterday. The scarf that I cast on is in the same stitch pattern. I expect it’ll be out while the weather still warrants knitting warm things.

Ribbed Chevron Blanket by Natalie Servant

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