Rhinebeck 2016

I have been lucky enough to attend my 7th New York Sheep & Wool Festival in a row. Sarah & I drove down to Red Hook on Friday and found our accommodations: a little carriage house and met Steve, the landlord. Here’s the sliding door: Red Hook rental

We were able to make it over to the Indie Untangled show and even got a parking spot! Although it was great to catch up with some folks there, neither of us bought a thing. I guess that’s what happens when your stash is already super-sized!

Saturday at the show was wonderful. I whipped around merrily buying according to plan and within 2 hours I’d already got most of what I came for. Then I started running into folks I knew, which is the best part of the event for me. I ran into the Savvy Girls in the food building & Melanie showed me her winning (and non-winning) photos.

Natalie with the Savvy Girls

I chatted with my friend Anna Dalvi, who lives 20 minutes away from me. Really. Yes, Anna Dalvi of Knit & Knag. We’ve hatched a bit of a plan to meet up somewhere that isn’t a 7 hour drive away and sooner than next Rhinebeck.

Natalie with Anna Dalvi

I met up with Danielle Chalson, her husband & her lovely boy. I don’t have pics of Danielle’s fabulous toddler, but he was adorable, I assure you. In fact this picture is Danielle’s because the one I took was too horrible to post.

Natalie & Danielle Chalson (Makewise Deisgns)

Oh, and here are the gang from Southern Ontario. Hope Sarah didn’t cause any trouble crossing back over the border with all those questions about why she moved when she was a baby.

Ontarians at Rhinebeck

Someone did take a great photo of me at Rhinebeck in my Rhinebeck sweater (Serra by Laura Aylor). This used the 3 lovely skeins of Briar Rose Fourth of July from my first time at Rhinebeck.

Natalie wearing her Serra by Laura Aylor

Sunday was more of the same, but included a careful tour of all the barns to meet animals and time for a few more fun purchases that I’d missed on day 1. It’s always a long drive back to Ottawa on the Sunday afternoon, but it all went smoothly.

Here’s the loot:


I *LOVE* the Van Gogh bag from Andi. Beside it is an autographed copy of Modern Lopi from Lars. Above that two little remnants of yarn from Briar Rose. Then the batt from Into the Whirled that practically leaped into my arms while I was buying braids for a friend. Mmm, Maple Cottton Candy. There’s a bottle of Soak in there too. And my 5 lovely skeins of O-Wool O-Wash Fingering are flanked by Red Maple Sportswear socks (alpaca) and my extravagant socks from The Buffalo Wool Co. – so comfy.

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One Response to Rhinebeck 2016

  1. Mary Lou says:

    I felt so bad I never got to really connect with you. I went out to the Ravelry/Knitty meet up area and laid down on the grass with my head on someone’s bag of fleece! I saw almost nothing but the book barn and a couple of food lines. Glad you have a good time and got back safely.