Cosmic Dust

Cosmic Dust is my latest new pattern with beads. It’s a completely reversible skinny triangular shawl and it takes advantage of the fact that the yarn gradually changes from one colour to another.

Cosmic Dust by Natalie Servant

This idea was inspired by this colour-changing yarn itself. I used Shirley Brian Yarns 100% 4 Ply Cotton. I wanted the yellow beads to look like they were spreading out of the yellow section and getting stuck each time the colour changed, sprinkling into the next section. They’re subtle at the beginning and gradually more & more obvious the more blue the yarn gets. They also add a wonderful weight to the shawl.

Cosmic Dust by Natalie Servant

What I’d love to do now is to try this again with a mini skein set, or a double set of colour-changing cotton and work from the outside in. Or to try this pattern in neutrals with metallic beads. So many ideas, so little time! What would you use?

Cosmic Dust is $4USD regularly, but it’s on sale for $3 until end of day Nov. 21, 2016.


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