January is for…

I’m not sure what January is for. A lot of people fill it up with organization and resolutions, but I haven’t had the mental space for that. This year it’s been about catching up, relaxing, tidying, and trying to keep the daily household tasks moving in the right direction.

I just finished up a large amount of secret knitting, so I gave myself a break. I finally knit my daughter another Top-Down Shoulder Warmer (by Laura Chau). Almost a year ago I made her first one in the smallest size in black. The hardest part was picking up all of the stitches. I needed a bright and sunny afternoon!

Shrug the first:

Top-Down Shoulder Warmer

This time around my daughter still wanted a neutral colour, but it was cream. Hooray! Picking up the stitches was an absolute breeze this time around. I went up to the fourth size. It’s a bit big on her at the moment, but she’s growing super quick. I bought her boots for this winter and (this blew my mind a little bit) I had to check that they fit me and that I liked them too in case she grew out of them. I wear a size 10!

Anyway, back to the shrug, my daughter is thrilled with the finished object and given her enthusiasm for just about all of her knits, she’s totally knit-worthy.

Top-Down Shoulder Warmer by Laura Chau

Also in January I’ve managed to finish up a bit of long-dormant spinning. It was Hello Yarn fiber, but that’s all I remember. I don’t remember how long the singles have been there, but I frequently looked at them and thought about finishing this up. I was a little nervous when I started, as the colours were matching up almost perfectly. What if it changed? How would it look knit up? In the end, there are nice little overlaps of colours changing throughout the skein. I think it’ll look fabulous.

handspun from fiber dyed by Hello Yarn

What’s up for February? I’m getting my design mojo back and I’ve got a couple of things close to completion. Perhaps I’ll find a way to spin more than one skein of yarn a year.


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One Response to January is for…

  1. mary lou says:

    Cute shrug, and she looks so happy with it.