Daisies – what my friends did with them

When I was knitting my Daisy Hat and Daisy Mittens I had quite a few people volunteer to test knit for me. It’s always fun for me to see what other people do with the pattern, and with this one I find that the colour possibilities intriguing!

I started out with typical daisies for my mittens:

Daisy Mittens by Natalie Servant

Then when it came to the hat, I had this lovely golden yarn & the flowers are more like black-eyed Susans.

Daisy Hat by Natalie Servant

Francine wanted to make mittens, and hers are poppy mittens:


Nicole’s making red-on-red mittens:


Michelle did not like the idea of duplicate stitching the flower middles, so she went with beads:

Michelle's Daisy Hat

Michelle's Hat - beads

Anja made a reversible double knit hat with colour-changing yarn:

Double Knit Daisy Hat Double Knit Daisy Hat

Karin made a hat with vibrant colours that I wouldn’t have thought of putting together, but it works wonderfully. I guess that’s not a real surprise when you look at the Pretty String she’s been making!

Karin's Daisy Hat

There are other daisy variations on the go. On my end watching them get completed is like planting seeds without knowing what they are and waiting to see what grows!

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