Indie Design Giftalong – part 2 of 4

As I mentioned in part 1, there are tons of patterns on sale from hundreds of designers. The sale (with code giftalong2017) ends on Nov. 28th, 2017. Here is my second set of of patterns that have caught my eye:

Indie Design Giftalong part 2 of 4

From top, left to right, these beauties are:

Dragonhart Mitts by Ruth Brasch

Amigurimi Penguin – Wilbur by Kate E. Hancock

Iron gate by Anna Johanna

Daffidini by Anna Dalvi

Zelda Hat by Szilvia Linczmaier

Amillë by Emily Ross

Winesap Mitts by Danielle Chalson

Roses and Ivy by Julie Yeager

Vodograi by Natalie Pelykh

Bloomsbury kids by Svetlana Volkova

Illumine by Nim Teasdale

Gathered Cloche by AbbyeKnits

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