Tour de France KAL: Marie Curie shawl

As I mentioned before, the Tour de France is coming in July, and I’m going to be running my 9th annual Tour de France Knit Along (TdF KAL) at that time. Starting on July 7th and running until July 29th, we’ll be knitting along on my Marie Curie shawl for fun and for prizes.

Marie Curie shawl by Natalie Servant

I run the KAL in my Ravelry group. If you’re not already a member of Ravelry, it’s free to join and great fun! It’s pretty easy to join in and knit along. All you need to do when you’re done knitting is post a picture in the prize thread, and you’ll be eligible for prizes. I’ll post more details on that soon.

Here’s the picture that inspired me to knit:


I took the details at the shoulder and turned them into some simple knit texture with reverse stockinette and slipped stitches.

Marie Curie shawl - texture detail

The collar inspired the border for my shawl, and I love how the pink of the Neighbourhood Fiber Co.’s Rustic Fingering in Basquiat complements the grey of Shadow in this simple pattern.

Marie Curie lace border

The shape is a slightly different one for me. It’s based on a half octagon, so it has 4 sections. It starts at the neck and is knit downwards with increases. It has a cut out at the neck to sit nicely on your shoulders. The border is knit on sideways and features simple lace stitches.

Buy before the end of the Tour de France and it’s automatically discounted to $3 USD, but it’ll go up to $5 USD once the Tour is complete.

At the moment only the first two pages of the pattern are uploaded, and that gives you information about yarn, gauge, and abbreviations in the pattern. That’s everything you need to know to search in your stash or purchase some yarn and do a little bit of swatching.

The full pattern will be uploaded to Ravelry on July 6th, in plenty of time for us all to begin knitting on July 7th! I’ve started the usual threads about rules and prizes in my Ravelry group. I hope you’ll be able to knit along with us!

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